Oompah arrangements are for 5 melody instruments with or without drum kit. Usually mine have been done for two Clarinets (or one and Alto Sax), Trumpet, Trombone (or Tenor Saxophone) and Tuba or (Eb Bass). There are a lot of German Folk Tunes that I could arrange for you by discussion.


Some arrangements have drum parts, others leave it to the drummer to decide.


Most of my Brass Quintet arrangements (see other pages) have also been requested either for Oompah or for Mixed band. They can be supplied for this generally at the price specified for Brass Quintet. Email me at geoffrey.cloke@gmail.com if you want alternative versions of other pieces. Email me too, if you want me to arrange pieces.


All Oompah arrangements below are free. Email me.


I have over 200 German folk songs which I can also arrange. 


Sometimes Oompah gigs are played in unusual places for unusual occasions.


Here are the existing Oompah arrangements (£5 each as stated):


BLUE DANUBE OOMPAH (not the whole of the original)

EXTRACTS from the audio file 

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 MUSS I DENN ETC OOMPAH (Mix of folk tunes)

 EXTRACTS from the audio file


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