This page contains a list of Instrumental Arrangements which are not yet listed as separate items, and which are not listed on Quintet or Octet Pages. All of them are available through contact with me at . All are free.



Trumpet Duets: I have a selection of arrangements for 2 Trumpets and keyboard all of which I have used to play at weddings (where two trumpets have been a nice addition). These include the Trumpet Voluntary , Trumpet Tune, and about 7 or 8 others.

 Other Arrangements Available.  

Allegri Miserere (8 part brass: 4 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones, tuba)

Bach Lord and Mighty King (8 part brass: As above)

Bach Fugue 9 (4 trumpets)

Bruckner Locus Iste (4 trumpets)

Gabrieli, various (In Ecclesiis, Sonata Pian e Forte, Canzonas, etc). Sonata Pianeforte is available for Brass Quintet and organ. Others are 4 or 8 part brass.

Schutz Psalm 100 (single group to go with choir or double group without)

Schutz Psalm 100 for Brass Quartet and Organ

St. Louis Blues for Voice, Trumpet, Keyboard. Transcription of Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong's 1923 recording.

Teleman Trumpet Concerto (8 part brass)

Vivaldi Double Trumpet Concerto (8 part brass).

Vivaldi Double Trumpet Concerto Grade V in F Major for Trumpet, Strings, Keyboard. This is also available in Bb and D Majors (nearer the original pitch).

A wide variety of school classical, jazz and pop arrangements. Commissioned arrangements for wind ensembles have also been done by Geoff.

Others available. For more information, contact

Three Part Choir SSA Arrangement of Amazing Grace

Three part Choir SSA Arrangement of The Oak and the Ash 3PtChoir.pdf

Easy Trombone Tunes (Bass Clef):

Easy Valved Brass Duets:

Two Easy Keyboard pieces for either two hands or one hand and chords: