This page contains links to Educational Resources that I have created. They are free downloads and I am happy for you to put them on your internal internet at school or college, or to circulate them (without change) to students, but I would be grateful if you could email me on telling me what (courses or programmes) they have been used for, whether they were any good, and above all of any changes you think should be made to them. This is only so that I have the knowledge of how far they have spread, and so that if I get any queries emailed, I could refer to what you have said. Happy resourcing.

AQA A Level Music 7271 and 7272. I have extensive free resources (self-created) for Area of Study 3 Music for Media, Area of Study 4 Music Theatre, Area of Study 5 Jazz, and Area of Study 7 Art Music since 1910. These resources consist of scores, analyses, recordings etc.

The analyses are here. If you want any more information on them, then email me.

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AQA 7272 A Level Music Resources: Area of Study 3 (4 and 5 on Next Page).

Area of Study 3: Music for Media: Bernard Hermann: North by Northwest Music Analysis by Northwest Music Analysis.pdf 


Area of Study 3: Music for Media: Bernard Herrmann: Taxi Driver Music Analysis Driver Music Analysis.pdf


Area of Study 3: Hans Zimmer Composition Notes Zimmer Composition Notes.pdf 


Area of Study 3: Thomas Newman Composition Notes Newman Composition Notes.pdf 


Area of Study 3: Comparison between Herrmann, Zimmer and Newman between Music for Media Composers.pdf 





These documents were created for AQA GCSE Music (2016) Popular Music: GCSE Sergeant Pepper Background.pdf GCSE Sergeant Pepper Set Work Song Analysis.pdf 

This next document has been used for OCR and Edexcel Histories of Music at AS and A2 and the BTEC National Diplomas (Music and Society Unit). It is a brief general history of Music, intended to be accessible for 16-18 year olds. It doesn't include absolutely everything, but I think there is enough. There are also some Music technology notes. Please email feedback on it (see top for address).

 The next document has been used to support Edexcel A Level Music and Music Technology for 9 years, It has been used on the BTEC National Diplomas in Music and in Music Technology also for 9 years, and is suitable for any unit that requires research into what makes a musical style. It could also be used as a general historical background of pop for GCSE. It is a history of Pop and Jazz styles covering most up to the 1990's designed to be taught from or given to students. It includes a list of suggested listening. I have recently updated it, and any comments are welcome at

This next document was designed to be accessible to students studying GCSE Music and the BTEC First Diploma (both level two qualifications). It is also designed to help staff supporting these students who may not be musicians (that is Teaching Assistants, ALS, or even Special Educational needs support staff). There is enough of it, and the language is designed to be accessible. Please email feedback on it (see top for address).