This page contains details of all primarily non musical works. The word 'primarily' is used because both plays contain music.

"Talking Hedge" written 2008. A black comedy about a group of misfits who are mistakenly put together to sabotage a new road scheme. Ecological messages, bad puns and good music (3 necessary and 8 optional songs) where characters tell their story combine to make this an attractive proposition for amateur groups. A cast of 11 or 12, all of whom can be either sex. The play can last between an hour and an hour and a half depending on the music used in it. Price £10 for one script with permission to photocopy for your group. Contact me at  Geoff accepts Paypal.

"Run Around in Circles":

Further recordings are available free of charge from 


"Coronation Chicken" written 2008. When a train breaks down, a group of passengers are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Faced with the prospect of a long wait for help, they decide (as in Flight of the Phoenix) to repair their transport to journey back to civilization. Sadly, though, not all of them will make it, Finding out why, proves to be a major pre-occupation. Once again, bad puns, good music, and a cast or 11 to 12 (which can be of either sex) feature. Price £10 for one script with permission to photocopy for your group. Contact me at Geoff accepts Paypal.