History of Geoff's singing

Treble: Cumnor Choral Society ?c1967

Chorister: New College Choir School 1967-69

Tenor: St. Andrew's University Renaissance Group 1988-9

Tenor: Bangor Chapel Choir 1989-92

Tenor: Bangor Student Choir 1989-92

Tenor: Oxford Pro Musica Chorus 1990

Tenor: Manchester Harmony Choir 1992-4

Tenor: Potton Choir, Beds 1994-6 incl Tenor Solo: Elgar's "Light of Life" 1995 recording extract here:

Tenor: Exeter Festival Chorus 1998-2005

Tenor, Bass, and Alto: Exeter Singers 2000-2007

Tenor in Cantores Olicanae occasionally.

Bass in St. Margaret's SMS Choir Ilkley 

Geoff has also performed with a range of other choirs for 'one-off gigs', and has sung in most choirs of schools he has taught in. He has also conducted school choirs.