My New Opera / Music Theatre Work, completed in 2016

Any Performance Opportunities considered. 


 In 2016 I completed my Opera "For King or For Country". Technically it is an Opera in that it is sung throughout with no spoken dialogue. In musical content, possibly it is more music Theatre than Opera

The music is a mixture of pop, classical and folk - in instrumentation, musical language (Modal), and reliance on the clarity of musical line to get the words over. The plot is interesting and the last scenes are a denouement of who survives.

I propose to put all of the episodes of the work up on Youtube as I am able to record and/or video them. Video is an important element of the background for this video - in fact it does not necessarily need set to perform it if video is used instead.

Topic - the English Civil War. 8 Soloists, 7 instrumentalists and Optional chorus. About 1h 40m duration. Musically it is based on Modes, and my interest is in the clear vocal lines I mentioned, tonality, texture and harmony of the instrumental accompaniment rather than divertingly beautiful melodic lines.

I am looking for any opportunity to get this work performed - in part or in whole, by amateur or professional or youth group. Currently I have Sibelius Audio tracks for all musical numbers - obviously I would like to replace these with live ones!


Track 01: Act 1 Prelude is on Youtube at:


 Track 06: Act 1 King! Church! is on Youtube at:

Track 12: Act 1 Battle of Lansdowne is on Youtube at:


If you are interested in performances contact me at